November 2003
SAN CLEMENTE, CA, November 2003 – Delano Associates, a newly formed strategic business development consulting practice, has been founded by custom install and consumer electronics industry veteran, Buzz Delano. Delano, who has worked at such industry leading companies as SAE, Terk Technologies and Sonance, will have new offices in San Clemente. Delano Associates will concentrate on growth strategies to increase sales for manufacturers, dealers and technology providers in the custom and consumer electronics fields.

“After 21 years of worldwide factory sales management experience, I thought it was an ideal time to strike out on my own,” said Delano. “It is common today for companies to outsource projects required for their businesses rather than increase the workload of employees or take on the cost of adding personnel resources. Consultants provide their clients with skills that can allow them to identify opportunities, resolve problems and to accelerate results.”

He continued, “Sales are the number one priority for any provider of goods and services and no organization should ever consider its sales effort to be complete. Selling continues after the actual transaction and, in the best cases for subsequent business, becomes relational and consultative. Typical designer-installer to end-user sales are highly interpersonal and require good planning, communication and proper setting of expectations. The same goes for manufacturers of products for the custom installation channel. That’s what Delano Associates will be preaching – plan your strategy, know your customer, follow up and thank them.”

Future plans for Delano Associates include personnel growth to support expansion of the organization into other disciplines such as marketing, public relations and product technology sourcing and development.

Delano is active in several industry trade organizations such as CEDIA and the CEA subdivision for Distributed Audio. Delano has also been selected as a Dean for the Electronic Systems Customer Relations course tracks for CEDIA. Delano Associates will be actively seeking a client base of manufacturers, dealers and technology providers with business growth strategies within the custom and consumer electronics fields. The company may be reached at 949.940.9077 or via email at

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