November 2003
SAN CLEMENTE, Calif. (November 2004) – Delano Associates, a business development consulting firm centered on the custom installation technology industry, announces its one-year anniversary. The business was founded in November 2003 by industry vet Buzz Delano, who has more than 20 years of factory executive management experience.

Delano Associates worked with numerous clients in its first year, providing consulting on various initiatives. The manufacturers, complimentary to one another, crossed various product sectors in the residential technology market.

“When I launched Delano Associates, I knew I had challenging work ahead of me but balanced that with the satisfaction of a ‘diverse day’ and sharing my experience with a number of different clients,” Delano said. “Effectively working on multiple projects and objectives for a variety of clients is exciting and motivating for me as a consultant. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with each of Delano Associates’ clients and thank them for their part in making this a very successful first year.”

Delano offers consulting on a number of initiatives including sales management, business development strategies, financial forecasting, market assessments, dealer advisory groups, product education and product development processes. Each is developed mutually with the client with overarching goals of improving business planning, growing sales and taking care of the customer.

“One particularly rewarding aspect has been the opportunity to keep in touch with dealers and distributors,” Delano said. “This helps keep me tuned in to what’s going in our industry both coast to coast and internationally.”

Delano also volunteers with CEDIA, an organization he has long supported. “I believe in the ‘many hands lightens the load’ approach to the betterment of an opportunity,” he said. “The time I dedicate to CEDIA Education and the Management Conference, for example, supports our industry while also providing me an opportunity to learn from my colleagues and gain new ideas to offer my clients.”

Plans are currently underway for a Delano Associates web site. For immediate information, please contact 949.940.9077.