September 1, 2011
San Clemente, CA - September 1, 2011 - Delano Associates - a business development consultancy - is celebrating its eighth anniversary.

Sharmon Rodgers and Buzz Delano

Founded in 2003 by Buzz Delano, Delano Associates has evolved and established results in business development, sales and marketing management, brand strategy and product planning. Delano's experience includes all facets of consumer electronics with experience in Made For iPod™ and iPad™, Fiber Optics, HDMI, Loudspeakers, Connectivity, Systems Integration and Audio-Video component.

"We are grateful for our success and very pleased to have contributed to our clients' success. It's been particularly enjoyable to play a significant role in the development of ground-breaking products and their market success", Delano said.

Meeting with Electronic Systems Contractors, technology developers, manufacturers and attending tradeshows around the world, Delano has created a diverse portfolio of experience and results and has been noted for his commitment to the brands with which the consultancy has been most interwoven. "We are passionate for the brands we work with and help to create and we much prefer working with our clients to implement the plan rather than simply recommending a course of action", he continued.

Expanding in 2007, Sharmon Rodgers joined Delano Associates, adding her talent for aligning product introductions, awards recognition, marketing services and tradeshow planning. "Sharmon is the best there is for preparing companies for important product introductions and events. She is creative and knows how to get things done and I'm so proud to work with her" Delano said.

An active engagement approach with clients has earned Delano a reputation for effectiveness and strong relationship skills. Working across a diverse range of existing and developing brands, the consultancy has made significant contributions to numerous brands, creating new revenue streams for their clients and their clients' customers.

"It's been a great experience to work with many different types of companies and we look forward to our future with progressive-minded clients. There's so much opportunity in our industry to create new business with the social and technology shifts that are taking place. Established brands must expand and new brands are emerging every day" Delano stated.

Delano and Rodgers can be contacted during CEDIA Expo 2011 via cell or by email. For more information visit the company website at

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